Senior Event Planner

Son was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and adventured to Cal Poly Pomona to get his degree in Computer Information Systems. He soon fell in love with event planning during his time as an events specialist intern. As fate would have it, he met Michelle while working in the field of experiential marketing, and the rest is history! Son supported Michelle's journey to become a wedding planner by lending his expertise to the team. They've been BFFS 5 EVER since then and have been pumping out outstanding events and happy couples.

Team Nickname


Favorite Mele Amore Memory

When Michelle gave him a short cut to a venue that turned out to be a super steep hill while he was in a rental truck that had no horse-power. He still made it up the hill though! That's being a rockstar for you!

3 Words that Describe Him

What's For Dinner (Yeah... we don't know either)

Bucket List Item

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