Creative Manager

Nam grew up in Southern California and attended UC Irvine ( Zot Zot! ). At UCI, his rockstar lifestyle and work ethic developed and his natural ability to be a leader became apparent. Since then, he's brought his hard work to Disneyland, where he has worked now for almost 5 years (It's also his mission to visit every Disney Resort in the world).  As you can tell, he is a man of many hats and has said often that he wishes there were more hours in the day...don't we all! Engineer & Disneyland employee by weekday, Mele Amore Creative Manager and freelance graphic designer by weekend. There is nothing he can't do! 

Team Nickname


Favorite Fictional Characters

Baymax, Hiro & Mulan (we see a theme here...)


Best with mushrooms all over and a side of ranch