Michelle is a product of an imaginative childhood. Unlike most little girls her age, she grew up learning how to bake, knit and sew [ all skills she still uses today! ].  Her creative hobbies soon were put on hold as she explored life. After earing a degree in Business Finance at Cal State Long Beach, she began to work within the best Marketing companies in Southern California. Her rockstar abilities took her far and soon she was managing event portfolios for Fortune 100’s top companies (Wal-Mart, Target, General Mills, Kroger). Finally, as she began to plan her own wedding, she had an epiphany! That epiphany was Mele Amore. After her family & friends pushed her to go for it – she finally did – and voila, Mele Amore was born! 


Aliens, Chocolate, Chunky Babies

Favorite Mele Amore Memory

Late night meet ups with the squad at Hashigo's after finishing a full day of weddings

Ideal Pizza

BJ's pizooki! Does that count?

Nostalgia Inducer

Seeing grandparents canoodling, gets me teary eyed every time!