Event Planner

Liz is a Korean who was born and raised in Brazil, making her a feisty yet easy-going Korean-American-Brazilian. She is currently a stay-at-home-mom to her son, Hudson and two rescue dogs, Zeus and Skeeter. She was first introduced to Mele Amore when she married Mark in 2012. She loves planning and also enjoys cooking big meals for her friends and family. She is also genuinely passionate about being a part of a couple's special day and would love nothing more than to offer the same level of service she received when she was a Mele Amore bride. Liz has a strong background in brand marketing, events, and retail while having a BA in English from UCI. She is committed to providing excellent customer service, organization, meticulousness, professionalism, and fun to all Mele Amore weddings. She will also try her best not to become too sentimental too!


Target… isn’t it everyone’s?

Favorite Sport Team

Golden State WARRIORS!

Nostalgia Inducers

80s and 90s music,Radiohead, Cold Play, certain smells (for example, verbena reminds me of my honeymoon in Thailand and Bali), and good Korean home cooking.