Bianca was born in SoCal but was raised in Hong Kong. She absolutely LOVES traveling and tries to travel as much as she can. She's inspired by the beautiful sceneries, learning about unique cultures and eating plenty of authentic food wherever she visits! Her ideal adventures always include: food and outdoor activities and she insists these are the secret ingredients to bonding with friends and family. While she was a student at UCI she stumbled across Mele Amore and fell in love with assisting events! The thing she loves about Mele Amore is the team..."Their professionalism, creativity, interpersonal and management skills are what I aspire to." When she's not a rockstar assistant, you can find her at the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy memorizing all 300 drug names! 

Team Nickname

Bey Bey


Loves adventuring to find new and exciting cuisines

Bucket List Item


In a nutshell

Exuberant, Trilingual, innovative